Your Lincoln Park, NJ Dentist Offers Technology For Your Comfort & Convenience

As a Lincoln Park, NJ dentist, at Dr. Jeffrey Falduto Family Dentistry, we refuse to compromise on the level of quality care we offer. Part of that commitment is the use of diagnostic technologies because they provide many advantages for you – our valued patient.

In this blog … I’ll talk about the technology that helps us better determine the state of your oral health while offering you a better experience in the dental chair. You may be surprised to learn how beneficial this equipment really is.

Digital x-rays allow our team to get a clear picture of the inside of your teeth and gums, so that diagnosis is more accurate and treatment specific to your unique situation. In addition, there’s…

  • up to 90% less radiation than with traditional x-rays
  • less time in the dental chair because they are faster and more efficient
  • no exposure to film chemicals – safer for you, our team, and the environment
  • faster insurance processing because claims are illustrated, and electronic communication is instantaneous.

The intraoral camera is a small pen-sized camera that is linked to a chairside monitor to display what we see when we examine your teeth, gums, and mouth. Because it displays images on a screen, it helps you understand what we mean when we’re discussing our findings with you during your dental cleaning, exam, or consultation.

Digital impressions are 100% comfortable, and a clear techno winner that…

  • eliminate the need for goopy impressions (awesome, right?!)
  • take clear, color impressions of your teeth, gums, and other soft tissue
  • can be sent electronically to the lab, for faster service and more accurate results.

VELscope® is an oral cancer screening tool we use to help us identify any areas of our oral cavity that show abnormal cell growth. This small, handheld scope uses natural tissue fluorescence to help us see tissue changes that are not visible to the naked eye. While not a diagnosis tool, it lets us know sooner that there may be an issue – and as with all cancers, early detection is the key to good long-term outcomes.

Soft tissue lasers are most often used in dentistry to correct gum issues. This can include gum disease treatment or changing the shape of your gums. Our patients love it because it feels less invasive than a scalpel and often reduces swelling and bleeding after treatment. They’re not ideal in all situations, so depending on your individual history and needs, we may recommend a different choice.

Hard tissue lasers have helped many of patients at Dr. Jeffrey Falduto Family Dentistry receive a filling without freezing. Not only does that mean you leave our office without a numb mouth so that you can get back to your busy life as quickly and seamlessly as possible, they also remove less of your tooth and can improve the longevity of the tooth.

We are committed to making your experience as relaxing and comfortable as possible. Technology is a big part of that – and we make good use of it.

Please call today to book your consultation or to ask any questions about our practice. We welcome new patients and our friendly team will be happy to talk to you.

Along with my caring and compassionate team, my mission is to help every member of your family achieve your best oral health with the least amount of dental treatment needed in the future.

Yours in excellent dental health,
Dr. Jeffrey Falduto, your Dentist in Lincoln Park NJ